• Yellow fever

    Yellow fever is a disease regulated by International Health Regulations of the WHO.

    This means that vaccination is a requirement to enter a country with Yellow Fever and will be a requirement to re-enter South Africa after travel to such a country. Yellow fever is endemic to certain countries in South America and Africa only.
    You must be vaccinated at least 10 days prior to entering the Yellow Fever endemic country.

    The vaccination process entails a single vaccination with a live attenuated virus in the arm after which immunity is for 10 years. You may feel a ‘flu-like illness approximately 1 week after vaccination. This is normal and is part of your body’s immune response.

    Not every person is eligible to receive the Yellow Fever vaccination. We screen our patients thoroughly and will gladly inform you of any contra-indications. We will issue a certificate on behalf of the South African Department of Health certifying that you have been vaccinated.

    This is a legal document and may not be altered.

    We register your vaccination in a National database.

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