• Yellow fever immunisation policy, provided by the SASTM

    Yellow fever immunisation policy

    SASTM has provided a policy statement on the period of validity of yellow fever immunisation policy (see www.sastm.org.za ). The WHO recently stated that a single yellow fever vaccination is now to be regarded as providing lifelong immunity and all countries were to adopt this policy as from 11 July 2016.

    In its policy statement, SASTM clearly stated that there is a documented sub-group of travellers in which there can be some uncertainty that the vaccine will provide adequate life-long protection. 

    A booster dose is indicated in this group for travel to high risk regions. Secondly, there is no guarantee that all WHO member countries (or even those who are not) will accept the life-long validity (for whatever reason) and insist on administering a booster dose on entry. It should be noted that the sanofi package insert has not been altered, still calling for a booster dose.

    SASTM advises that each traveller is carefully assessed with regard to risks and benefits of administering or not a booster dose and the traveller advised accordingly. One also wishes to protect the traveller from the risk of needing booster vaccination at entry or being refused entry to a particular country.

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