• Travel Alert – Netherlands, Invasive Mosquito

    Invasive Mosquito – Netherlands (Noord Holland)

    The product safety board NVWA is to step up its monitoring of mosquitoes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport following the discovery of 3 yellow fever mosquitoes in 2 separate traps. The mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue, West Nile fever, and yellow fever, but the 3 at Schiphol were unlikely to be carriers, the NWVA said. In addition, the new find poses no risks to the public because the mosquitoes were not found in passenger areas, according to the public health institute RIVM.

    More mosquito traps are being put up, and they will be emptied on a weekly rather than twice-monthly basis. As a precaution, more will also be done to eradicate potential breeding grounds. In 2010, yellow fever mosquitoes were found in used tyres imported by several different companies in Brabant.


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