• Travel Alert – Angolan Visas

     Angolan visas      

    The Angolan embassy has confirmed its visa application process remains the same, whereby applicants need to physically visit the Angolan embassy to apply for a visa.

    This comes after some visa centres were advising agents that Angolan visas had to be applied for and paid for online, where a form needed to be completed and submitted with assisting documents to one of the embassies in either Johannesburg or Pretoria. Thereafter, the applicant would be called in to take fingerprints on collection.

    MDS VisaPak national business manager, Carla Douglas, says she received the information that applicants needed to apply online for a visa, from one of MDS’s representatives who was notified about an online website. However, upon inspection, it appears that the website operates independently from the embassy and serves as a visa facilitation service rather than an official visa application site.


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